The Company

IFTEA was founded in 2001 as a challenge of its founder Gianluca Gresta, who after his school education in technical address and his experience started as a simple worker and then as manager in an organic pasta factory, decided to embrace a new challenge, a new personal walk, directed to trade organic foods.
Since then the company evolved step by step. At the beginning started as an individual company which mainly played the role of agency and offered service, but today it became an S.N.C family run which import and export organic foods all over the world. His wife Maria Luisa and her sister Donatella respectively are the quality manager and the logistic manager.
The choice of the family in the company is a will. For us the family is the most important cell of the society where we learn love, reciprocal respect and where we refine each other through the daily trials. Where life is shared and where we grow together. We chose organic food because we are sure it is the starting point to preserve our health and preserve our wonderful ecosystem which rule this amazing planet. Indeed more and more allergies are rising up because of the effect of the numerous pesticides used in farming which have impact in our organism. Furthermore the progress in scientific field lead man to modify in laboratory the DNA of plants that the nature created in a so perfect way and fully compatible for survival and nourishment of the human being, making the situation much more complicated. Going forth at this step what it will happen to the future generations and to our planet?
Yes, we are a small company and our influence in the above contest is very limited, but we are convinced that by small things are great things brought to pass. And we are grateful to be part of those who have sown for both our wellness and our planet wellness.

Today our company is growing, new products are constantly added to our catalogue. We have a brand, Bio Principio under development and we are always ready to offer it to all those who doesn’t want to invest money in their own brand.
Iftea has a business relationship with the following countries: Italy, France, Spain, Belgium, Denmark, Hungary, Romania, Greece, Iceland, China, Japan, Australia, Finland and Bolivia.